Every Child is Entitled to Care

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

– Nelson Mandela

1.Management of cases

Profile of Cases

89 new cases were reported and 13 previous folmanagement caseslow ups were handled by CRG from  April 2013 to March 2015 . CRG has addressed  cases of child labour, provided children with assistance for their medical treatment or referred them to mental health care professionals, assisted the Child Welfare Committee by conducting social inquiries and referred cases for appropriate remedies to the Goa State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights and other organisations.


2. Admitting Children in Schools

It is an accepted fact that children who go to school are less vulnerable to abuse. Every year CRG staff members visit children in the bastis to motivate them to secure admission in school and to encourage children in school not to drop out of school. In the last two years our child rights facilitators have helped 28 children with school admissions.

S73004833. Assistance to Children in Difficult Circumstances

Our counsellors and child rights facilitators provide different types of assistance to children who are vulnerable because of circumstances such as their family situation, their economic position, their health, emotional problems or learning disabilities. Sometimes children need to be away from abusive family situations, in a few cases the parents send their children to work in hazardous conditions. Such children require admission to boarding schools or children’s homes. In other cases children’s mental health or other medical issues need attention.

4. Home Visits

Facilitators have visited children in their homes for various reasons such as illness, family problems or to find out why children have stopped going to school or coming to the FLiP Centres. This is a simple but effective way of monitoring the situation of children.

5. Medical Attention

Children from our FLiP Centres often require medical attention. In the past two years we have assisted 30 children from our Centres with medical assistance. We either refer cases to the Candolim Primary Health Centre or to our doctor friends.

6. Group Therapy Sessions

The Counsellor of CRG has been conducting group therapy sessions for children in the FLiP Centres. A total of 51 sessions were conducted in the past two years on various topics like the importance of education, self expression through art, self respect, overcoming bad habits and acting responsibly. The objective of these sessions is to encourage children to think independently and in a responsible manner.